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Receive professional social media posts tailored to your target audience and business.

Increase your reach and brand awareness. Increase customer loyalty. Make your company better known. Reach thousands of people – every month.

Fyrfeed creates ready-to-publish posts, consisting of professionally written text, appropriate hashtags, and a customized post image that aligns with your company’s brand identity.

Each week, you receive your posts through the Fyrfeed platform and can publish them with one click. The rest is on autopilot! Receive new posts on a regular basis that perfectly match you and your target audience.

Get professional and search-engine-optimized blog posts designed to help you rank well on search engines like Google.

Our writing experts are former journalists. They know how to make complex topics engaging and interesting.

We create a suitable cover image for each blog post, which you can load into the blog system of your choice. Our blog posts are ready formatted – all you have to do is copy them into your blog system – done!

Get excellently researched, in-depth whitepapers. You can use lead magnets to position yourself as a thought leader.

Whitepapers are a great way to offer your prospects more in-depth information and present yourself as a competent and reputable company because a well-researched whitepaper shows: You and your company are industry experts.

Our top 1% of content writers create your whitepapers on precisely the topics that fit your company and meet the interest of your target audience (content market fit).

Plus, you’ll get a custom image to go with it, which we’ll create to match your brand identity.

Get professional case studies and testimonials from your customers – as PDF and video.
Give your marketing much more persuasive power!

Your customers’ testimonials about your product are the superpower of your marketing. Let your customers speak for you. Fyrfeed creates complete case studies with your customers.

In testimonial videos, your actual customers share their experience with your product. It is much more convincing than just promoting your product yourself! Use these videos on your website and social media.

Case studies as PDFs are perfect for your marketing to send to leads. They include a quote from your customer, a description of how you helped the customer, measurable success numbers, and your product description.

Fyrfeed is more than just a content supplier.

Fyrfeed replaces or takes the burden off your content marketing team. Get the exact posts you need regularly.

Created for you by the top 1% of professional writers

Our writers tailor your posts to your goals and your target audience. For example, do you want to support your sales processes or improve your company branding? Let us know your goals, and we will adapt your content accordingly.

Content ready for posting

You get ready-to-be-published social posts with professionally written text, hashtags, and images that fit your brand style.

Continuous content ideas

You can't come up with new content ideas? Fyrfeed does that for you. Instead, you choose from the suggested content ideas the ones you want us to turn into finished posts.

AI-based learning

The Fyrfeed platform lets you rate every post you receive. With each rating, fyrfeed becomes more and more customized to you - and the posts you receive soon become indistinguishable from your own.

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