Show us what you've got!

Please create two posts so we can better evaluate how you write!
Each post consists of a text, 3-5 hashtags and an image.

Step 1: Pick two of these topics

Will Fintechs change the world of banking or will they soon be consumed by traditional banks?

Damage caused by cyber attacks – how big is the impact on the German economy?

5G in Germany – how far along is the technology and how does it affect businesses?

The Big Quit – significance for companies.

42-hour week – can it help against the shortage of skilled workers?

Meso-Needling. What is behind it and what are the risks?

Step 2: Pay attention to these clues when writing

Tonality: Relaxed and approachable, yet professional

Platform: For LinkedIn

Length: 800-1400 characters (including spaces)

Image: Square – use Canva if you like (you can use a free account)

Info: You can use this example as a reference (look at page 2)