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20,000+ people reached every month.

Content marketing has become indispensable in B2B," says Robert Borchert, Managing Director of the GSL Group.

With Fyrfeed, his company is omnipresent on the Internet and without its marketing department. Fyrfeed creates new content for social media and the company blog weekly and suitable white papers at regular intervals, through which several hundred leads are collected.

The content for the GSL newsletter also comes from Fyrfeed: ready for publication and combined with suitable images. Borchert: “We could never have done it alone. We have the output of 5 marketing employees, but don’t employ a single one.


Social & Blog Content on Autopilot

How Jörg Haupt supercharged his marketing team with Fyrfeed

Reach building ” is the classic domain of marketing teams. Still, they often need more time to create high-quality posts for LinkedIn and the company blog regularly. For smaller companies, this task often falls to the management team, who have the same challenge: They need more time to create good content several times a week.

Therefore, Jörg Haupt relies on Fyrfeed to outsource the time-consuming but essential creation of publication-ready posts without investing his time.

Jörg’s experiences with Fyrfeed and why he can strongly recommend the service to any other company as well, in the video!


10,000+ people reached every month.

How Ralf Komor scales companies with Fyrfeed

Content marketing is time-consuming – especially for founders and CEOs with full hands. Building a business and writing several social and blog posts on the side is almost impossible. That’s why Ralf Komor recommends developing a brand presence early.

Fyrfeed allows him to quickly and cost-effectively provide the company and its key people with high-quality posts. Most important KPI: Time. A day has only 24 hours. For Ralf Komor, it is evident: Content marketing is elementary in the marketing mix. That’s why Fyrfeed is the perfect solution for him.


9,000+ monthly touchpoints.

How Friesel Consulting is top-of-mind without a break thanks to Fyrfeed

Generating strong content for social media at the push of a button is only feasible for some people. But if you’re not active there, you’re giving away enormous reach and leadership potential.

Self-employed people like Ferdinand Friesel can achieve an extensive reach via their social media accounts, for example, on LinkedIn, and position themselves as opinion leaders, experts, and trusted advisors. What does it take to achieve this? New content every week!

With Fyrfeed, Ferdinand Friesel has initially defined the topics on which high-quality content is to be generated. After that, the rest runs almost on autopilot for Friesel. Every week, Fyrfeed creates new posts that can be published directly on LinkedIn with just a few clicks.

“That’s when people start asking, ‘How do you do that, constantly posting high-quality content – it gets positive attention,'”” Friesel knows. It’s precisely this feedback that gradually builds and strengthens his status as a savvy industry expert and opinion leader.

Speed4Trade | B2B

10,000+ people reached every month.

How Speed4Trade regularly generates new leads with Fyrfeed

For B2B companies with long sales cycles but high-value orders in the six- and multi-digit range, the regular publication of content-rich articles is critical. In addition, the more points of contact there are with the decision-makers of potential new customers, the easier it is for the sales team.

Before Speed4Trade radically simplified its content marketing with Fyrfeed, the company had to maintain its marketing department that handled the regular creation of content for the website and appropriate social channels. Fyrfeed complements that department, creating relevant content at a fraction of the cost it would cost to produce it entirely in-house.

The Black Elephant | B2B

6.000+ monthly touchpoints.

How Fyrfeed helps you find new contacts via social media without a break

The big challenge today is: How do people find you?”” says Roger Schmid, founder, and CEO of THE BLACK ELEPHANT. Multi-touchpoint marketing has now arrived in the B2B world, and a strong presence on social media is part of that. After all, as part of the cooperation process between agencies and customers, the contact points occur on the website, via email, video telephony – and increasingly also via social media. Moreover, scoring points with high-quality content leads to a clear trust bonus.

For The Black Elephant, the importance of content marketing is twofold. First, the company helps its customers increase customer enthusiasm and, thus, profitability through well-thought-out processes. Managing director Roger Schmid relies on high-quality content for his profile and customers, which Fyrfeed creates weekly.

Clarus Films | B2B

7,000+ people reached every month.

How Clarus Films built high-reach B2B communications with fyrfeed

Content marketing has long since arrived in the B2B sector – especially where the focus is on collaboration between two companies based on trust and where long-term partnerships are forged.
CLARUS Films scores with regular posts on social networks and its company blog to achieve recurring touchpoints with existing and new customers. In B2B marketing, content that strengthens the company’s image as a trustworthy and reputable provider is an elementary component of the marketing mix.

This ensures that the company is seen as a clear opinion leader and competence anchor. This shortens sales cycles and increases the loyalty of existing customers.”

Pionierfabrik | B2B

100k+ people reached every month.

Marketing power: How fyrfeed automates LinkedIn & blogs

Fyrfeed creates new posts every month for exactly those topics that address the pain points of Pioneer Factory’s target audience: Everything on the topic of innovative and particularly effective marketing methods. In addition to a text, each post also contains suitable hashtags, emojis, and post images that are adapted to the requirements of the target platforms (LinkedIn, XING, and the company website).

As a result, each post can be used three times, and the reach effect is enormous: more than 100,000 people are reached by Pioneer Factory every month. It has thus become one of the most influential marketing companies.

BeyondBranding | B2B – Whitelabel

200k+ people reached every month.

Whitelabel: How fyrfeed supercharged the end customer business

BeyondBranding uses fyrfeed as a white-label service to offer its customers the creation of high-quality content articles. The entire content production (text, hashtags, emojis, and matching images) is covered by fyrfeed. In addition, the publication of the content is also automated via fyrfeed.

For BeyondBranding, this means that without any additional effort, the company can offer its customers a high-quality content service and monetize it.

aescuvest | B2B – VC

25.000€ cost saving every year.

Professional content: How fyrfeed creates sophisticated professional articles

By regularly posting high-quality content on health-related topics and news from the startup and investment world, Aescuvest attracts the attention of investors and startups alike.

Regularly posting expert information from the industry underscores the company’s seriousness and establishes the brand as a trustworthy entity. Moreover, it is essential in venture capital because high double-digit million sums are sometimes invested through the company.

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