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less €€ spent on marketing

Philipp Maier
MD, White Label Advisory


B2B Followers (6M)

Astrid Gortana
Marketing Head, Green Habitat GmbH


B2B Leads reached

Roger Büchler
MD, Avivox GmbH


content publication rate

Laura Kichhofer
MD, Heno SA


shorter sales cycles

Benjamin Kromayer
CEO & Co-Founder, Vitrum GmbH


less €€ spent on ads

Helge Lautenbach
Vice President, Synvance Europe


B2B Meetings every month

Gerald Jude
MD, MeerdesGuten


B2B touchpoints weekly

Mike Heider
CEO, Heider Elektro


B2B Leads reached

Petr Prokop
CEO, GiVE Management Consulting

More than 650 businesses trust fyrfeed

Emlen: More reach, more demos, more conversion rate

As a B2B SaaS startup, reach and generating regular demo calls are essential, says Marc Grewenig, Co-Founder of emlen. Thanks to Fyrfeed, emlen no longer needs its own content department – instead, it sources LinkedIn posts, web articles, and whitepapers directly through Fyrfeed. The result? More reach. More demos. More sales.

GSL: Over 20,000 people reached every month, 37 deals in 6 months

“Content marketing has become indispensable in B2B,” says Robert Borchert, Managing Director of GSL Group.

With Fyrfeed, his company is omnipresent on the internet, and that without its own marketing department.


Jörg Haupt: Social & Blog Content on Autopilot

Jörg Haupt relies on Fyrfeed to outsource the time-consuming but important task of creating ready-to-publish posts without his own time investment.

Komor: 10,000+ people reached every month; scaling thanks to content

Fyrfeed enables him to quickly and cost-effectively equip the company and its key personnel with high-quality posts. Key KPI: Time. A day only has 24 hours.

For Ralf Komor, it’s clear: Content Marketing is essential in the marketing mix. That’s why Fyrfeed is the perfect solution for him.


Black Elephant: Company growth through content

“The big challenge today is: How do people find you?” says Roger Schmid, founder and CEO of THE BLACK ELEPHANT. He relies on high-quality content, not only for his own profile but also for his clients, which Fyrfeed creates anew every week.


Speed4Trade: Regularly new leads

Before Speed4Trade radically simplified its content marketing with Fyrfeed, the company had to maintain its own marketing department to regularly create content for the website and suitable social channels.

Fyrfeed supplements this department and creates appropriate content at a fraction of the cost that would be incurred for full in-house production.

How Friesel Consulting is continuously top-of-mind through Fyrfeed

Every week, Fyrfeed creates new posts that can be published directly on LinkedIn with just a few clicks.

“People often ask: How do you manage to constantly post high-quality content – it’s positively noticeable,” Friesel knows. It’s precisely this kind of feedback that progressively builds and strengthens his status as a savvy industry expert and thought leader.

Aescuvest: How Fyrfeed creates sophisticated technical articles

The more specific a B2B company’s target group, the greater the demands on technical content. These are contents written for a professional audience and adapt linguistically to the terminology and “speech” of the industry.

By regularly posting high-quality content on health-related topics, as well as news from the startup and investment world, Aescuvest attracts the attention of both investors and startups.


Clarus Films: 7,000 B2B Views; Market leadership through Fyrfeed

Clarus Films scores with regular posts on social networks and its own company blog to achieve recurring touchpoints with existing and new customers. In B2B communication, content-rich content that strengthens the company’s image as a trustworthy and serious provider is an essential component of the marketing mix.


BeyondBranding: 200,000 views per month thanks to Fyrfeed Whitelabel

BeyondBranding uses Fyrfeed as a whitelabel service to offer its customers the creation of high-quality content posts. The entire production of the content (text, hashtags, emojis, and matching images) is covered by Fyrfeed.

The publication of the content is also automated via Fyrfeed.

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